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Oakville, ON, May 27th 2016 – IPS is proud to announce a redesign and launch of a new company website. The new site is more robust, user-friendly, with a contemporary design and refined interface.

Highlights of the site include a support page full of warranty, parts, and technical information to support Honda Registered Service Dealers (RSDs), an up-to-date dealer locator, contact forms for both dealers and OEM inquiries, and a complete store catalog that will allow users to purchase all of IPS products, seamlessly.

“We invested a lot of time, effort, and teamwork into our new site. It represents a new era for IPS, one of change and innovation. We have listened to our customers and have provided them with a more useful tool to place orders quickly, efficiently, and help them sell to consumers better” says IPS’ Chief Executive Officer, Ed Butcher.

One of the most significant changes is the new company logo and brand colour. Butcher commented, “We realized that our logo no longer embodied the progressive organization that we are. Our new logo reflects a strong brand that represents only premium products and quality service.”

Another improved aspect of the website is a more complete catalog. Customers will be able to search for any product that IPS carries, log in to find pricing and inventory availability immediately, avoiding wait times that can happen when calling the Order Desk during peak hours.

To view the new IPS website, visit www.ipspower.com.

About International Power Systems

IPS is a distributor for a number of top branded products primarily in the engine and small equipment distribution business. IPS aggressively pursues the acquisition of product lines and companies that complement and enhance current and new market opportunities. IPS staff and management continue to ensure that satisfied dealers supported by premium products remain the leading priority in all facets of the organization. For more information about IPS products and services please visit www.ipspower.com